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Every denomination needs one of these...

I Miss Barack Obama

Monday, June 30, 2008

By Pastor Ted Weis, Congregational Church, Little River, KS

You've probably noticed. This site has been pretty quiet lately.

That's what happens when a presidential candidate divorces your denomination.

Since then, the only significant item to be discussed here is torture. You want to know what torture is? Not having anything to write about! So permit one more posting about the United Church of Christ's favorite ex-member, Barack Obama.

For a moment, take the long view of Obama's relationship with the UCC. In June, 2007, Obama was the fawned upon rock star speaker at General Synod. Less than a year later, he makes a very public exit from the denomination.

We all know why it happened, but who would have ever thought?

Naturally-- in order to not blame the real culprit in this whole fiasco-- UCC President John Thomas, in his statement about Obama leaving Trinity Church, found an appropriate whipping boy (oops, edit that to scapegoat) in the right-wing media:
It’s also important to name the painful reality that many candidates and public officials now find it nearly impossible to be an active member of a particular religious community, given our divisive political culture.
Never mind what was actually said from the pulpit of that "particular religious community."

Of course, this is all old news. Obama has divorced Trinity and in turn the UCC. He's moved on. With wife Michelle, Obama is busy scrubbing his image in preparation for the fall campaign. But is divorce really that easy? Is putting away your past that simple? How much of it will haunt him in the campaign?

Obama may have left the United Church of Christ, but I doubt the United Church of Christ will leave him. Politically speaking, Obama is very much in line with UCC politics. Internally, Obama's departure will have no effect on how UCC members vote in November. Heck, I bet even Rev. Jeremiah Wright votes for Obama come election time.

But what will the voting public decide? Will they endorse a UCC version of President?

That's what I'll be asking as I (tear) sit idly and watch my favorite ex-UCC member vie for the White House.
posted by Living the Biblios, Monday, June 30, 2008


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