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Every denomination needs one of these...

Trinity clarifies Moss' role

Friday, June 13, 2008

Just to update the Time Magazine story, Trinity UCC officially has a different take on Moss' role with the church which you can read in this bloated PDF (6MB for 2 pages!).

I don't particularly care about Trinity UCC's internal politics but I think it's a bit of a cop out to claim that the denomination has "certain requirements" before a pastor can be installed. I'm no expert and I could be wrong, but I thought a local church could call any pastor it wanted to regardless of what the denomination says. As I understand it, Moss was not selected through the official "search and call" process in the first place so the sudden adherence now seems to be rather covenient.

But again, like most other UCCers, I could care less what Trinity does internally, it's the bad publicity they've been inflicting on themselves (and ultimately on the rest of us) that gets on my nerves. Hopefully I won't have to mention them in this space for awhile.
posted by UCCtruths, Friday, June 13, 2008


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