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Every denomination needs one of these...

Spin control: Wright to do Moyers interview

Monday, April 21, 2008

Trinty United Church of Christ's former minister Jeremiah Wright is slated to do an interview with PBS's Bill Moyers according to UC News and this PBS press release.

Wright should find a comfortable home on Moyer's show - Moyers doesn't pretend to be balanced and his passion and support for liberal politics has been a staple of his career. Moyer's himself has conceded that a journalist's job is not to be balanced:
The journalist's job is not to achieve some mythical state of equilibrium between two opposing opinions out of some misshapen respect -- sometimes, alas, reverence -- for the prevailing consensus among the powers-that-be. The journalist's job is to seek out and offer the public the best thinking on an issue, event, or story.
Of course, "the best thinking on an issue" is subjective to the view of the journalist. Don't expect much more than a puff piece from Moyers interview.
posted by UCCtruths, Monday, April 21, 2008


Two concerns:

1) Can you say "softball?"

2) The very limited audience that's going to view this will already be part of the choir.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:24 PM  
Three questions.

does this mean that the ad didn't work?

why is the liberal left so joyous at finding fault with this country?

what are the chances that those watching will feel better about God and/or the country after this exercise in Obama damage control?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:13 PM  
I thought the national "sacred" dialog didn't begin until May 18.?

Wait.......I get it......prophets of God aren't on any man-made timetable - they speak truth to power at all hours of the day.

Silly me.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:19 AM  

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