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Every denomination needs one of these...

Wright Blasts the Media

Saturday, November 15, 2008

by Pastor Ted Weis, Congregational Church, Little River, KS

Rev. Jeremiah Wright-- former pastor of President elect Barack Obama-- is speaking out against the media's treatment of him during the campaign season.

During a Q & A session after an address in Connecticut, Wright declared:
"The world doesn't know about my 41 years of ministry, or my writing of books, because it was all taken down to a 10-second sound bite that the media chose to show about a sermon that was delivered seven years ago," Wright said. "The media didn't care about the whole sermon and what it was about. They just used those 10 seconds and used it as a weapon of mass destruction against [Obama's] campaign."
It's true. The world doesn't know Wright's years of ministry and doesn't know his books. Nor does it need to. The world knows plenty enough to judge Wright. It knows that after the greatest atrocity on American soil in modern times, Wright's pastoral word post 9-11 was America be damned because it deserves to be damned.

Lest anyone forget, Wright's past wasn't completely ignored. Back in March, ABC News reviewed dozens of Rev. Wright's sermons, and in their words, "found repeated denunciations of the U.S. based on what he described as his reading of the Gospels and the treatment of black Americans."

You don't need to look further into Wright's past to see that he views this country as systemically racist and incapable of reform. Just consider this recent remark:
"If you take a Tiger Woods, a Michael Jordan or a Barack Obama, their success should not lull us into thinking society has changed."
Translation: the accolades about Obama's "historic" victory are severely overblown.

A few days later, speaking before an audience at Northwestern University, Wright again lamented his treatment:
In the question-and-answer session, Wright accused the media of "public harassment." "My family's getting lynched in the process," Wright said. "Never in the history of this country has there been a demonization of a person like I've been demonized."
Family getting lynched? Who in the media has targeted his family? The only thing close was the New York Post's report of a likely affair by Wright. And demonized by like no other person in the history of the United States? Can you say, "slight exaggeration"? Certainly, Wright's circus performance at the National Press Club had nothing to do it.

Listening to Wright's address at Northwestern was another well-known Obama associate, former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, who summarized the result of the media's treatment this way:
"Both Rev. Wright and I were brought up as cartoon characters in this campaign because of disinformation and dishonest news," Ayers said. "I did not suffer as much as he did, but we both got out of it with a certain amount of dignity."
Yep. Forever elevated in our minds is the ego and radical left-wing politics of this complicated man of faith, Rev. Wright.
posted by Living the Biblios, Saturday, November 15, 2008


I urge people to actually read and/or listen to Rev. Wright's full sermons/writings. The reporting on what he has said or has written tends to be atrocious.

In your Comments here you wrote:
You don't need to look further into Wright's past to see that he views this country as systemically racist and incapable of reform. Just consider this recent remark:...


Here is a comment from someone who was there:

phil wrote on Nov 7, 2008 10:38 AM:
" The rev.'s were asked when race would be less of an issue. Rev Rankin thought we had a long way ago. Rev Wright agreed BUT closed with the comment he was hopeful that he would see it in his life time, or those growing up now. A pretty positive message from a so-called racist. Certainly suprised this older white guy....

And the impressions of someone else who was there:

one who was there wrote on Nov 7, 2008 9:44 AM:

....Coming from one who was staunchly opposed to this man and going last night greatly enjoying the thought of Rev. Rankin putting him in his place and then seeing the media coverage this morning of the event, my mind was changed and I have come to distrust the media at a whole new level. If the media is your only source then you are sadly missinformed. I would put one caveat on that by saying this article was the most fair and accurate coverage I have seen so far of the whole event. It was actually very good and I have a sense of appreciation for Rev. Wright and for Kingdom Life allowing the Reverends to use their church. "
commented by Blogger Unknown, 12:54 PM  
And you wrote:

Translation: the accolades about Obama's "historic" victory are severely overblown.

From a student publication reporting on the event at Northwestern.

Wright struck a soft and humorous tone while criticizing the media for the attention he received during the presidential campaign. He spoke of someone at Fox News who asked him yesterday if he thought the media had treated him unfairly: “Ray Charles can see that,” he said.

But his speech, for the most part, touched on the relationship between higher education and the black community, speaking of how the predominantly black Howard University would not teach its students African-American literature until students protested.

Wright received three standing ovations: when he arrived on stage, when he got up to speak, and when his speech ended.

Wright also praised the “incredibly powerful” election of Sen. Obama. “What a mighty God,” he said.
commented by Blogger Unknown, 2:58 PM  
On the Sunday before he was assassinated, Dr. King was scheduled to preach a sermon with the title, "Why America May Go To Hell."

Explain to me please how one can revere Dr. King and revile Jeremiah Wright?
commented by Blogger MML, 5:43 PM  
And yes, Obama's victory is overblown. There is still rampant persistent racism in the USA. Of course, it was racism which built the United States. Even today, African American men born in the USA have a life expectancy equivalent to Bangladesh. If you don't view our country as being systematically racist then you are seriously deluded.
commented by Blogger David, 5:03 PM  
Mr Obama's Victory is over blown.

In numerious ways.

Mr Obama won because he sensetionalized. His Speeches, His Advertising and his Propaganda were the major reasons he won.

He did not win on hid professional record, he did not win becasue of his knowledge, he did not win because he was a black man and he did not win Because of his christianity.

We shall see what and if Mr Obama does anything Good for America.

If you Read Mr Wrights sermons, teachings and the Doctrine of his church, it is more like The Black Panthers with a little religion and political than any thing to do with Christianity. Mr Wright is fully aware of that and utilizes that.

The worest testimony a church can get is when Mr Obama stood in front of Millions and said, he never heard his pastor say any of those things. Professing that to the world, when he knew in his heart, mind and his Soul that was a complete lie in front of God and the World.

Did his Church and religion fail him or did he fail to take it to heart?

Is lying a new virtue the TUCC and UCC teach and encourage as part of their Christianity?
commented by Blogger lemon, 8:17 PM  
I agree that we should all be greatly disappointed that Obama distanced himself from Rev. Wright. Certainly nothing Rev. Wright said in the course of his sermons was any different than what Martin Luther King said during the Vietnam War. Speaking truth to power can be very dangerous, as Rev. Wright's experience demonstrates.
commented by Blogger David, 2:20 PM  
In his 1996 book "Day of Deception", former John McCain endorser, Texas megachurch pastor John Hagee wrote, in a chapter titled "America Under a Curse,"

"As a nation, America is under the curse of God, even now. Look at the scriptures and see for yourself. The stand we have taken on abortion, the stand we have taken against God in our classrooms, just may have sealed or doom."
commented by Blogger Bruce Wilson, 7:59 AM  
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