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Every denomination needs one of these...

When UCC ministers roar

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The great thing about this political season is that it brings out the worst in some clergy - especially within the United Church of Christ. Here are a couple of classic comments from UCC clergy this week...

"I am deeply concerned about single-issue, anti-abortion voters. I consider them immoral."
-Rev. Willis E. Elliott as posted at the Washington Post "On Faith"
For me, my concern isn't about the abortion debate, it's about clergy essentially telling people how to vote. Stupid comments like this are no better than Catholic Bishops telling their parishoners about the morality of their voting decisions.

This one is pretty good too...
"I am trying to understand why America thinks it's okay for a woman to go to four or five colleges before she got her bachelor's degree to compete with a black man who went to Harvard and graduated at the top of his class"
-Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith, Advent United Church of Christ in Columbus, Ohio, preaching at Howard University
The elitism in this is actually pretty funny. By her standard, Abraham Lincoln would not have been qualified to run for President. And what's the message in this to the women who struggle to go to college and have to bounce around to different schools to complete their degrees? According to this Yale grad, only Ivy Leaguers should run for public office I guess.

But she didn't stop there... regarding Obama not referencing MLK during his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention:

"On the day he accepted the presidential nomination, he could have at least said Martin Luther King's name"
I guess this is the "sacred conversation on race" I've been missing.
posted by UCCtruths, Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I suspect much of the discord in society lately is a result of people making mini-religions out of their political ideologies and then giving them salvific importance. Ideologies are rapdily becoming idolatries.
commented by Blogger Citizen Grim, 4:01 PM  
Oh, and then there's stuff like this:

A poll about "Who Is A Better Christian?" That's not even remotely helpful. (And wildly presumptuous.)
commented by Blogger Citizen Grim, 4:03 PM  

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