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Every denomination needs one of these...

Coincidence? Another ordination of a woman priest taking place in UCC church

Friday, October 31, 2008

Another United Church of Christ church is poised to be at least the third UCC church to host an ordination of Catholic women... this one is in Chicago. From the Chicago Tribune:

The ceremony, to be held at St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Lincoln Park, is being organized by Roman Catholic Womenpriests, an organization that is not recognized by the Catholic Church. The group, which began in 2002, also will ordain three women as deacons in preparation for priesthood.

The Vatican has said repeatedly that only men can be ordained priests because Jesus did not call women to be apostles, and because the priest stands in the image of Jesus, who was male. Officials with the Chicago archdiocese denounced the ceremony and reiterated the Vatican decree that states the person who ordains the woman, as well as the woman herself, will be excommunicated. An excommunicated person is forbidden to receive the sacraments.
Back in July, the UCC-affiliated Church of the Covenant in Boston hosted an ordination of women priests which drew support from former UCC Conference Minister Rev. Nancy S. Taylor.

As I stated back then and now again, I can't help but think this meddling in other faiths is part of the creeping anti-Catholicism in the United Church of Christ.
posted by UCCtruths, Friday, October 31, 2008


>"I can't help but think this meddling in other faiths is part of the creeping anti-Catholicism in the United Church of Christ."

I don't see how the UCC actions constitute anti-Catholicism.

Also, I'd argue that a woman being ordained by another woman in a UCC church is a UCC minister and not a Catholic priest. Catholic priests are males ordained by male bishops in Catholic facilities, without exception.

God bless...
commented by Blogger Timothy, 3:41 PM  
Nice try, but our covenant (you know, the agreement that we've all signed on to) says that ordination in the U.C.C. involves a call to a U.C.C. church or related setting, plus the approval of a local association. Neither of the two are present in these cases.

This is being presented to the world as an act of rebellion to the Roman Catholic Church, and as such, U.C.C. churches and ministers -- who claim to be promoters of ecumenicity -- should keep our noses out of it.
commented by Blogger RevDave, 10:40 PM  
Creeping anti-Catholicism in the UCC?

Anti-Catholicism is in the UCC's DNA!

If your strain is from the Evangelical Synod, you're anti-Catholicism. If you're a Congregationalist, you're anti-Catholicism. If you're from the German Reformed tradition, half of that strain is anti-Catholicism.

The ecumenical movement in the UCC owes most of its force to the Mercersburg tradition, which split the German Reformed Church in the 19th century. The Mercersburg tradition embraced the full history and catholicity of the church and was fought by the more revivalistic thought in the German Reformed tradition - the Ursinus movement.

Mercersburg liturgies were folded into the E&R but have been pretty much scrubbed from the contemporary UCC. You won't hear about the eucharist as "the innermost sanctuary of the whole Christian worship" unless you are in a church that retains Mercersburg traditions.

I'd venture that most of the churches that have left the UCC and even the F&W and BWF churches cleave to a more conservative Reformed tradition that could only be described as anti-Catholicism. Zwingli? Calvin? Pro-Catholicism?

Characterizing the UCC women clergy's solidarity with the Roman Catholic women as an instance of creeping anti-Catholicism in the UCC is quite laughable.
commented by Blogger Bill, 6:00 PM  
I am Catholic and I would like to see honored an ecumencial principle that sister communions do not harbor dissenters or schismatics from the other. For example, I do not think Catholic Churches should be used for dissenting Episcopalians.

So, I would wish the UCC would not do this. However, I also understand your principle of congregational autonomy and that the denomination really can't control the congregation on this matter.

Let us pray that all may be one.
commented by Blogger Kurt, 3:20 PM  
I think you are perhaps overstating the relationship. At least in the latter case, it was a matter of the church allowing the use of the building - not much else. I can understand the argument that perhaps a church should not provide space for this purpose out of respect for our Catholic sisters and brothers. But is it ultimately better to deny the request of a use of space and passively perpetuate the continued suppression of womens' ordination? I wouldn't think so.
commented by Blogger Tom, 8:49 AM  
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