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Every denomination needs one of these...

Wright lights the fuse

Monday, April 28, 2008

Trinity United Church of Christ's former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, gave an indignant speech this morning before the National Press Club and African-American church leaders. The speech and Wright's response to questions afterwards will undoubtedly reignite the controversy around his sermons.

In his speech, Wright disowned the controversy by claiming that the media reporting and the public response was not about him, it was about the black church as a whole. Wright also mentioned the call to have a national conversation on race which was first raised by presidential candidate Barack Obama and formalized by the United Church of Christ's national office.

Throughout the question and answer period of his speech, Wright continually deflected questions about his sermons often answering a question with another question. When asked about his "God damn America" sermon, he asked "Did you hear the sermon?" When asked about his allegation that the U.S. governemnt created the AIDS virus to commit genocide on African-Americans, Wright asked if the questioner had read Horowitz's book and then claimed that he believed the government was capable of it. When asked about his controversial sermon that appeared to blame the U.S. for 9/11, Wright claimed to be quoting an ambassador although Wright clearly subscribed to the belief in the sermon.

On any level, the speech was a trainwreck. Wright didn't accept responsibility for his sermons or take ownership of his own words. By deflecting the controversy as commentary against the black church, Wright has also ignited a completely manufactured racial conflict and has unfairly cast a negative view of the black church and the United Church of Christ. Wright has effectively sabatoged the black church, the United Church of Christ and Obama's candidacy to protect his own ego.

While I personally agree with the spirit of Obama's call for a national conversation on race, it can not and should not be orchestrated as a defense of Wright's sermons. The controversy is not about race, it is about Jeremiah Wright. If we are going to have a real national conversation on race, it should be done in the spirit Obama's unifying optimism that we can overcome our shameful history.
posted by UCCtruths, Monday, April 28, 2008


This is 100% right!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:36 PM  
A perfect example of one Wright making a wrong!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:15 PM  
The 21st century paradign:

If it waddles like a duck;
If it quacks like a duck;
and it consorts with ducks;

it's really just a misunderstood goose!

er perhaps as the duck, or goose has said it himself "the chickens are coming home to roost!"
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:27 PM  
Hmm... $120,000 for full page ads and an unknown amount spent for a high-powered PR firm to come in and manage the message at Trinity.

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once remarked that they who act as their own counsel have a fool for a client.

John Thomas: could not the money spent on annointing this debacle have been used to feed the poor?
(O, yes, the poor we shall with us always but not so the son of the UCC).

Most interesting.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:11 PM  
I'm a UCC member. Here is my opinion.

Wright used the pulpit to distort the truth - some of what he has been saying is untruth. Now he's saying that all this is an attack on black churches? The man really needs to take a humble pill.

If he can't substantiate some of the venemous remarks he is making, he should be disciplined by the synod.

My problem is that I have been listening to Rev Wright in context and it's very troubling. In my 55 years I have never heard this kind of racial animosity from a pulpit.

Rev Wright is also single-handedly reducing Obama's chance at the presidency and he'll be the first one to blame whitey for the result.

This is very scary.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:42 PM  
Just great: JW has become the face and voice of the UCC! (sarcasm off).

His notions of race and brain activity sound like they could come right out of the Third Reich--except that "different isn't deficient." Remember when Al Campanis got fired for making racial generalization about managerial competence in baseball...?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:14 AM  
I personally have not heard anything from Rev. Wright that I would disagree with. I watched his interview with Bill Moyers and found Wright explained himself very well in that venue. I'm certain he is under a lot of attack right now, and for what? Telling the truth!

I did not see the interview you are mentioning here, but it seems that his responses are appropriate to the questions.
commented by Blogger David Oliver Kling, 6:19 AM  
Keep talking Rev PLEASE!!!!


McCain 08
commented by Blogger Paul Jamieson, 9:19 AM  
How nice for you. You believe for truth that:

1) The governemnt developed and spread the AIDS virus to kill off the African-American community.

2) The government is selling crack for the same purpose in 1)

3) We got what was coming to us in 9/11.

4) Left brain/right brain traits run along racial lines, and so does tonality and rhythm.

Have another sip of the grape koolaid on me...
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:57 PM  

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