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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I keep re-reading Jeffrey Lord's article and I'm amazed at how well it captures the essence of a typical UCC church. More from the American Spectator article:
The saving grace of the UCC church, sometimes an understandably hard one for outsiders to discern, is that one of its central beliefs is the supremacy of the local church. This is another way of saying that while all sorts of statements and issues are trumpeted by the national church, local churches, unlike, say, those in the Catholic Church, are at the top of the pyramid, not the bottom. My local church is not in the politics business. With both liberals and conservatives sliding into the pews every Sunday we stick, for the most part, to the concerns of our community. Is Mrs. Jones in the hospital? Is the UCC Home (a project for senior citizens) in good financial shape? Do we have the funds to send young Joe or Sally Smith to church youth camp? Are we reaching out to those troubled by alcohol or depression? Yes, thanks to the national church's insistence on injecting the highly political issue of same-sex marriage into the mix in a top-down fashion, we have spent a considerable amount of time having a vigorous yet constructive conversation on the subject, leaving it basically where we found the issue -- unresolved. But if you are coming to listen to fiery diatribes spewing hatred against George Bush, well, bless you, but you're not going to find them delivered here. Our church is focused on what unites us as children of God, not what divides us in the secular realm of American politics.
posted by UCCtruths, Thursday, June 21, 2007


Jeffery Lord's article is interesting. I have been re-reading it as well. I find myself being drawn closer to his opinions of the UCC than of the Synod. Though we shall see what the future holds.

As for the new site which is why I clicked this comment bracket I like it. I am not a regular blogger (I think) though I find the appearance the ability to find information and the over all format to be interesting.

So James that is my opinion of both the new blog site and the article. Hope this helps.

commented by Blogger Andrew, 12:49 PM  

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