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Every denomination needs one of these...

Italian group demands prophetic apology from Wright

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

And now this response to the prophetic Rev. Wright:
“We write on behalf of the 103 year old Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA) and our 550,000 family members throughout the nation, and our anti-defamation arm, the Commission for Social Justice (CSJ), to strongly and unequivocally reject and condemn recently reported remarks made by the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. According to MSNBC and other published and internet sources, Rev. Wright in 2007 stated: “[Jesus’] enemies had their opinion about Him . . . . The Italians for the most part looked down their garlic noses at the Galileans.” He then called Jesus’ crucifixion “a public lynching Italian style” executed in “Apartheid Rome”.
And just in case you thought they had a political axe to grind:
OSIA’s and the CSJ’s purpose here is not political. We desire no involvement in the current presidential campaign, nor do we wish to become embroiled in a political maelstrom. Still, one of the three candidates will, in all probability, become the next leader of the free world and the next president, thus representing all of the US’s 300 million-plus citizens, 26 million of whom are of Italian heritage. We believe that Senators Clinton, McCain and Obama must unequivocally condemn the words and sentiments voiced by Rev. Wright, and clearly disavow his actions.”
Hey... I don't know what they are getting so worked up about, after all Jeremiah Wright is speaking prophetically... just ask Walter Brueggemann:
The current spasm of "righteous indignation" concerning Jeremiah Wright, Sen. Barack Obama's pastor, smacks of embarrassing ignorance. Such a critique of Wright is ignorant of black preaching rhetoric and the practice of liberation interpretation. It is also disturbingly ignorant of the prophetic traditions of the Bible that regularly expose the failures of society in savage rhetoric. I am grateful for the ministry of Wright, a colleague of mine in the United Church of Christ, who for a very long time has been a faithful pastor and a daring prophetic figure. It is odd when right-wingers misconstrue this belated Jeremiah as they do the original Jeremiah, who knew about God's passion for truth-telling in risky places.
Really Walter, who is embarrassed now?

While I deeply respect Brueggemann, I'm throwing him under the bus on this one. You can line up a thousand PhD's and I'll never understand how they can claim that racial slurs and lying about the development of the AIDS virus is prophetic. This isn't a "right wing" thing, it's common sense.
posted by UCCtruths, Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Wow! I didn't realize that Italian-Americans were an oppressed ethnic minority. It must have slipped my notice because Italians receive white privilege as much as any other European ethnic group.

This stoic and quiet Norwegian-American first thought this post to be a joke. Maybe it is.

Happy April Fools Day!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:37 PM  
It's no joke.
commented by Blogger UCCtruths, 6:08 PM  
However, it is a joke when a UCC preacher labels hate speech as "prophetic," and then expects the general public to treat that speech,and his labeling of it, with hushed reverence.

This is no different than when a fundamentalist preacher expects his own "prophetic" beliefs to be influence the general public.

Separation of church and state, remember?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:59 PM  
"Separation of church and state, remember?"

I have no idea what the state has to do with a pastor saying Italians smell funny.
commented by Blogger David, 7:36 PM  
James, I haven't always agreed with you, but a number of times you and I have shared common views about the UCC as a denomination and I have respected your love and action for the UCC. However, in recent months I am concerned that things have spiraled out of control and it is no longer about the UCC or support for it, but more about being "right."

What tipped it for me was how you referred in this post to throwing Walt Brueggemann "under the bus." I know its only a phrase, but it is a phrase of of great animosity and violence. And it reflects what has become my concern for UCCTruths. It has become more a basher and a bully than a constructive part of the body of Christ.

You may respond that "they do it." But that is no response with the body of Christ. It is a response of the tit for tat nature of the "world" which we followers of Christ are called to be servants of God to, so that they will know God's spirit. I don't see God's spirit reflected in UCCTruths hardly at all...anymore.

When I participated in it for some time up and until recently I had felt that there was respect and a common mission shared in Christ. I do not see that any more.

With deep regret,
commented by Anonymous David Loar, 9:04 AM  

It is just a phrase and a common one to me - no violence or perception of violence was inteded and I think most people who read this understand that.

As far as being a "basher and bully," I guess thats a matter of perception. You and I have met, we have talked and I think you know what's in my heart even if it's not always conveyed as much on the internet... an admittedly difficult space for any of us to convey our full and accurate sentiment.

I am admittedly disappointed with Brueggemann (and Marty for that matter) because they seem to be more interested in defending an institution (our denomination) which is becoming more and more distant from those of us in the pews. Regardless of your opinion on Wright, I think it seems pretty clear most people are uncomfortable with his comments and our leaderships response to it. We have created a racial issue out of something that was not a racial issue... and somewhow that seems like the greater sin here.
commented by Blogger UCCtruths, 12:00 PM  

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