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Every denomination needs one of these...


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I guess I should be flattered that UCC Missouri Mid-South Associate Conference Minister John Dorhauer has elevated UCCtruths to "co-conspirator" status in his imaginary conspiracy theory of church stealing in the UCC. But I'm actually not as flattered as I am starting to feel sorry for this guy. If his posts on Talk2Action.org really reflect how he thinks and how he processes information, he has issues that go way beyond theological and political disagreements. From his latest post:
That those about whom we write, and whom we identify as co-conspirators, discredit our work is not to be considered as evidence of anything other than support of the theory. In fact, when the IRD, the BWF, and UCCTruths all choose the same response, it only confirms, it only offers more credible evidence, to support the theory we are postulating.
Now... I've been known to regularly butcher the English language on UCCtruths but Dorhauer's posts are torture to read. If you've read Dorhauer's book though, you probably know by now that he's not having a bad coffee day - this is how he normally writes and thinks.

Regardless, you have to read his whole post instead of taking my word for it. I guess since BWF and the IRD agree with me that Dorhauer is off his rocker, UCCtruths must be a "co-conspirator". This is the quality of his evidence of a church stealing conspiracy in the UCC.
posted by UCCtruths, Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Dorhauer's "new evidence" from the IRD is the same old document from 2000. The "strategic plan" ended 4 years ago!
And it was a real surprise to me that the IRD wrote the marriage equality resolution that General Synod passed. That's what he seems to claim in his post!
Does he not talk to other regional staff-people from other denominations? Is he therefore involved in a conspiracy? No, only conservatives are sinister enough to do that. If there is a conspiracy, it must be the Devil behind it. But I don't believe he believes in a Devil.
commented by Blogger Steve, 10:42 AM  
As far as I can tell, the IRD and BWF have not responded at all. What "same response" is he talking about?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:37 PM  

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