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Every denomination needs one of these...

Dorhauer suggests UCCtruths - IRD connection

Friday, August 10, 2007

Missouri Mid-South Associate Conference Minister John Dorahauer's fraud on the United Church of Christ continues. Not content with recycling phony conspiracy theories about an evil cabal trying to steal UCC churches, Dorhauer now alleges that this humble web site is connected to the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD).
For over a decade, I have witnessed the fruits of these sustained attacks on both my denomination and the local churches that comprise it. When I started my work as a regional official over four years ago, I was immediately thrown into the cauldron of conflict and dissent that erupts in churches that have been targeted for attack by trained IRD activists. I have spent the last four years learning everything I can about the IRD, their alliance with renewal groups, their funding sources, their tactics, and their motivations. They have identified me as a target because of my work.2
And that footnote?
2 At the time of this writing, no fewer than eight articles written about me appear on the front page of the scurrilous website www.ucctruths.com. Twice now, I have been "visited" at one of my workshops by a staff member of the IRD, who within one week wrote a follow up article about me on the organization's website.
UCCtruths has never been affiliated with the IRD in any way, shape or form. One of the principles of this web site is to be fully independent of any group internal or external of the UCC. Dorhauer knows there is no connection, but he likes to deceptively suggest that there might be a connection. He also lied (and then backtracked) when he suggested that UCCtruths was responsible for the misdirection of a UCC-related web page. He later apologized but he has continued to recirculate the suggestion in his seminars.

Dorhauer is right about one thing - I have devoted space to exposing his lies about a conspiracy. Even in his current article where he starts off citing the example of Redeemer Evangelical United Church of Christ, he doesn't claim that it was part of an IRD conspiracy yet he connects the two within the context of the whole article. And this is precisely what is deceptive about John Dorhauer's tactics - he takes seemingly unrelated events and tries to connect them without any evidence to support his claims. He then pretends to be the martyr when he's called out on his fabrications. He'll probably feign shock, sadness and victimization by even this simple clarification that this web site is not related or linked to the IRD in any way.

The reality is that Dorhauer's phony conspiracy further divides the UCC:
By his own words, there is nothing honorable about what he is doing. As long as Dorhauer continues to misrepresent what is happening in our denomination and continues lying about this web site, I will continue to expose him.

Update - August 13, 2007: Not content with making up conspiracy theories, Dorhauer is now re-writing history... From the article, according to Dorhauer, Robert Bork was a "Bush Supreme Court Nominee". Does anyone proofread his stuff? It's this lack accuracy which should make everyone question what he says. Hat tip to Jeepboy in the comments.
posted by UCCtruths, Friday, August 10, 2007


Paranoia is a terrible thing in a church official. Though his politics are different, Dorhauer has just the same approach to the world as members of the John Birch Society: assume conspiracies where you have no proof, and then use the proof as demonstrate that there must be a conspiracy, otherwise there would be evidence of it!
commented by Blogger David Fischler, 8:15 PM  
The site Dorhauer is based on, Talk2Action, is a cyber cesspool. I recall that when the phony accusations against UCC Truths were made, Talk2Action honcho Frederick Clarkson insisted that since the accusation was made, the burden was on UCC Truths to disprove the accusation. That's an interesting way to pursue justice. Reminds me of Stalin's show trials in the 1930s. Fortunately, Clarkson and Dorhauer and other authoritarian leftists rule uncontested only on that vile little website of theirs.
commented by Blogger Presbyman, 8:19 PM  
LOL... It gets worse... According to Dorhauer's version of history in the article, Robert Bork was was "Bush Supreme Court Nominee".

This gut is an idiot!
commented by Anonymous jeepboy, 9:33 AM  
Thanks jeepboy... and I gave you credit
commented by Blogger UCCtruths, 5:35 PM  

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