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Every denomination needs one of these...

Dorhauer has another temper tantrum

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

UCC Missouri Mid-South Associate Conference Minister John Dorhauer is pissed off at me and this web site.


Dorhauer doesn't like being called out for his public emphasis on conspiracy theories of church stealing by outside groups while churches in his own backyard close. Shockingly, Dorhauer accuses me of lying without ever saying exactly what it is I lied about (read his post and then re-read it again - nothing). The pattern of accusations without substance continues to be Dorhauer's method of operation.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted on the closing of an aging UCC church in St. Louis and concluded:
What makes this all the more interesting is that while UCC Missouri Mid-South Associate Conference Minister John Dorhauer is running around the country trumping up a bogus conspiracy theory about UCC churches being stolen by other denominations, churches like Holy Ghost United Church of Christ are closing their doors. This doesn't mean the Conference isn't conscious about the loss of aging churches, but the emphasis publicly has clearly focused on Dorhauer's conspiracy theory.
I'll say it again: "This doesn't mean the Conference isn't conscious about the loss of aging churches, but the emphasis publicly has clearly focused on Dorhauer's conspiracy theory."

Look at the Missouri Mid-South Conference web site... is there anything from Dorhauer about the problem of aging churches on it? Is there any transparency about the number of lost churches? Oh... but if you check out the February 13, 2007 "E-Connections" you will find a note about how you can buy Dorahauer's book for 32% off at Amazon.

Look at Dorhauer's blog - Does he ever mention a concern about aging churches and the shifting demographics and what strategies might be employed to save them? I guess it's only a problem if you lose churches to a right-wing conspiracy.

The loss of churches due to shifting demographics is a problem for all Mainline churches, not just the UCC but the challenge can't be addressed privately while publicly ranting about conspiracy theories. And yes - I'm a little sensitive about it. As a kid, the UCC church I was confirmed in closed precisely because the demographics of the neighborhood changed while the membership and leadership of the church couldn't adjust.

It's a matter of priorities and, at least publicly, Dorhauer's emphasis is on attacking right-wing bogeymen. We should all be pissed off.
posted by UCCtruths, Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I agree with you James, but Dorhauer's motivation is becoming so transparent that it might be best to move on. He's not being rational and all you are doing is grinding him into the ground at this point.
commented by Anonymous jeepboy, 1:58 PM  
I disagree. I am grateful that James has put light on John Dorhauer's actions and doesn't pull any punches. Too often we in the UCC quietly ignore our leaders when they do and say things we disagree with. Yes, Dorhauer has been discredited and it's clear that he is frustrated by being caught in his own web but that doesn't mean that there aren't others searching for information like this (like me) on the internet.
commented by Anonymous Michael Joyce, 4:06 PM  
No worries, I have no plans of letting up.
commented by Blogger UCCtruths, 4:40 PM  
Thanks, James, for the information and for this site.
commented by Blogger Gene, 8:02 PM  
I realize that the UCC is liberal overall, but don't you think God would be better served (liberal or conservative) without the language and mud throwing? Just curious.
commented by Blogger Terry Delaney, 9:01 PM  
Dorhauer is not a loving critic.
commented by Anonymous Richmond T. Stallgiss, 9:37 PM  
Terry: You could be right, although I don't think this is mud throwing. How else do you challenge a Conference leader without challenging him?
commented by Blogger UCCtruths, 11:15 AM  
Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer's tactics are nothing less than abusive. As someone that has tried to reach out to him to discuss his concerns, I can tell you that he is far from pastoral to the point that you have to wonder about his state of mind. He isn't rational.
commented by Anonymous Chris, 1:43 AM  
'Moe, Larry,... Cheese'
It is a very sad time in the UCC , I see Jesus IS weeping. I am sure his harvest sheers are well sharpened and ready for pruning, as this crop has been contaminated and must be dealt with appropriately.
It is a lowly time in the Hearts of Men when it has come to such depths that only the the God of Old can save us now.
Folk like this fraudstore should be exposed for what they are... FALSE!!!
Dorhauer's followers have been, unfortunately, deceived. God forgive them, they know not what they are doing..
GODs Word changes MAN,
Man Should NOT change GODs WORD!
Salem Rochester NY
Let's be OPEN to God's Truth's and Blessings, and AFFIRM God's Lifestyle for Man as revealed to us through the conviction of the Holy Ghost, through Christ Jesus by the Way of God Almighty and revealed His Word, The Holy Bible.. Amen.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:32 PM  

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