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Every denomination needs one of these...

National Council of Churches and Israel

Friday, July 20, 2007

From reading the latest news release from the National Council of Churches, you would get the impression that the National Council of Churches (and member denominations) were impartial arbiters of peace for the Middle East. They are not.

From the article:
As Pastor John Hagee prepares for his annual Christians United for Israel (CUFI) gathering this week in Washington, D.C., two leaders of the National Council of Churches USA (NCC) are reminding observers that most Christians do not share CUFI's stated goals.

"John Hagee's message differs greatly with what theologians have taught for centuries," said Dr. Antonios Kireopoulos, NCC's Associated General Secretary for International Affairs and Peace.

"The Christian Gospel is clear that salvation came through the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ," said Dr. Kireopoulos. "To supplement this message is to pervert the Gospel Hagee claims to preach."

Pastor Hagee's efforts are the latest in a century old apocalyptic movement that began in earnest in the 19th century. Sometimes called Christian Zionism because of its uncritical support for the State of Israel, it is based on a literal reading of Biblical apocalyptic texts.
By focusing on an extremist like Hagee, the National Council of Churches tries to position itself as supporting "a secure Israel alongside a viable Palestinian state".

The truth is that the National Council of Churches, like the United Church of Christ, has spent a great deal of time propping up extremists and anti-Semites from Sabeel who are determined to destroy Israel. From the Anti-Defamation League:
While Sabeel claims to promote "a non-violent vision for addressing the conflict between Palestinians and the state of Israel," and to support a two-state solution to the conflict, Sabeel's head also refers to it as an interim solution, "a first step that hopefully will lead to the formation of the one state" -- a position that any parties genuinely interested in a long-lasting peace in the Middle East recognize as irrational and impossible.
Contrary to their claims, the National Council of Churches position of supporting groups committed to the elimination of Israel is not supported universally by the Christian community.
posted by UCCtruths, Friday, July 20, 2007


Unfortunately, the story that the UCC garnered its soapbox from was wrong, misleading and is being corrected.

The story that passed the AP wire had a damning and erroneous headline that indicated that Hagee's group has called to attack Iran. The story that followed the headline said nothing of the sort.

The writer Yitchak Benhorin told me that he did not use that headline, and he is sending a correction to YnetNews.com

The UCC wants to attack Pastor Hagee, but uses baseless facts from which to form their platform. Not once during the DC conference or anywhere that I can recall did CUFI or Hagee call for an armed conflict with Iran.

Thank you
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