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Every denomination needs one of these...

New online discussion group formed to strengthen ministry in local churches

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rev. David Loar has formed a new discussion group to help strengthen ministry in local churches. From Loar's description of the group:
An online discussion to help local congregations in the United Church of Christ to focus on the transformation of their vision and mission in Jesus Christ. This site is not for debate about the UCC, but to help one another to strengthen our local churches ministry at a time it feels like our churches are having a struggle to keep their head above water. No focus on what other parts of the UCC are doing or not doing. Focus is on what we need to do to own our piece of the covenant of ministry.
David Loar is currently the minister at Fairlawn West United Church of Christ and is a former Associate Conference Minister in the Southeast Conference. Loar has also served in a variety of roles on a national and international level from being the UCC representative on the Commission in Religion in Appalachia, a member of the former OCIS human rights delegation to East Germany and Hungary in 1986 and was a member of Witness for Peace to Nicaragua in 1987.

In addition to sharing the transformation of Fairlawn West United Church of Christ online, Loar can be found serving up fellowship at The Nervous Dog coffee bar in Akron, OH. I had the great pleasure of spending time recently with David at The Nervous Dog and I have not fully recovered from the deeply spiritual experience. The Frozen Jamocha Latte was pretty good too. You can also check out David's blog at Disciple David.
posted by UCCtruths, Tuesday, July 17, 2007


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