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Every denomination needs one of these...

General Synod - Day 5

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hissy Fit
The discussion during today's plenary session reached a new low when a large number of delegates began hissing at a New Hampshire delegate who spoke in favor of an amendment that would remove inflammatory language from the immigration resolution.

Andrew Sullivan on Obama's speech

From Andrew Sullivan: Yes, Obama is aggressively staking his candidacy in part on an explicitly religious appeal. In this, he is Bush's natural successor, and threatens to make secular politics even more elusive in a fundamentalist age. He also threatens, if he pulls it off, to be a transformational candidate, turning American politics into a battleground primarily between those who believe the Gospels mandate an expansive welfare state and those who believe they mandate government's moral regulation of human birth, death and sex. For my part, I believe Jesus had no politics, let alone the big government politics of our time. And the attempt of both right and left to coopt his truth corrupts faith and politics simultaneously.

Anti-Defamation League welcomes new UCC resolution
From the ADL: The United Church of Christ's acknowledgment that it has advocated an unbalanced and one-sided policy against the state of Israel is "a welcome development," according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which noted that past policy declarations "were based on unfair and biased assumptions."

Balaam's Courier
UCCtruths got a nice write up in Balaam's Courier, the General Synod commentary rag. Since editor Rev. Ted Braun flat out lied about our email exchange on what role CDR's (Committees for the Defense of the Revolution) play in Cuba, I feel the need to respond. Details posted here.

Rep. Barney Frank continues the "faith got hijacked" theme of GS
From UC News: Frank said some cultural forces have attempted to "kidnap Christianity" in order to tell others how and when to pray, how to express intimacy, what women should do with their bodies during difficult circumstances, what to read, and what scientists should teach.
posted by UCCtruths, Tuesday, June 26, 2007


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