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Every denomination needs one of these...

Et tu, Brute? Thomas distances UCC from Wright

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Just got this in a broadcast email from United Church of Christ President, John Thomas:
While there is high regard for Rev. Wright's ministry and leadership at Trinity UCC in Chicago during the past thirty-six years, and for his prophetic, scriptural preaching, many of us today are troubled by some of his controversial comments and the substance and manner in which they have been communicated, both by him and as characterized by the media.

Following Rev. Wright's insightful interview with Bill Moyers on Friday, many in the UCC hopefully anticipated that the prophetic voice of the church would be more clearly understood by the public and affirmed. But, unfortunately, following widespread critique of his handling of questions and answers at the National Press Club, that deep hope has turned now to unsettling despair for many. There is a collective and abiding sadness and anger in the present moment, regardless of theological or political persuasion.
I guess I shouldnt be surprised, but I am.
posted by UCCtruths, Thursday, May 01, 2008


It's called damage control. The Rev crossed lines that even UCC can't publicly cross. Frankly, it's about time we started being a Christian Church again.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:03 PM  
As we are all independent churches in the UCC and are not required to follow the dictates of our denominations leaders.

There is not much that John Thomas can do regarding the Rev. Wright. EXCEPT denounce the statements for what they are clearly intended to be ~ Inflamatory, cutting & piercing.

Until people come to the full understanding that we are not different races we will have this problem.


Rev Wright's vitriol only exascerbates actual & perceived differences as well as keeping old wounds festering. His remarks of a "black church" and a "black theology" is inherently separatist in nature and only serves to keep one people group from integrating with another.

Rev. Wright offers no healing balm nor does John Thomas.

We are, not only, one race but we are one church with one God. [for those that believe on the Christ, Jesus' name]

The diversity the UCC desires is actually splitting our denomination apart, for we now affirm sin and disavow the Holy Scriptures.

I pray that both John Thomas and Jeremiah Wright will heed God's call instead of their [man's] personal call.
commented by Anonymous omd, 4:21 PM  
Er, sorry John, a day late and a dollar short on this one. It took you until MONDAY to figure this all out about JW? Where was this "prophetic" voice and where was your "discernment" before this.

I guess were NOT doing the "sacred conversation" bit on May 18th now. To quote Emily Litella "Never mind..."
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:47 PM  
Who is Thomas angry at? Wright? Or... is he blaming the media for Wright's bad behavior? Well, if there was not the widespread critique of Wright's insane remarks, the UCC wouldn't look so bad, eh?

I would hope he'd be angry at Wright instead of playing the blame game. This group has a habit of not taking responsibility for their own actions.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:24 PM  
Neither here nor in UCC website full quotation can I find any attempt by JT, or the UCC for that matter, to "distance UCC from Wright". In fact, "some", "many" etc are intentionally evasive with no specific choice or judgement. "Troubled" and "controversial" "emotions" and "expressions" of "frustation", "sadness", "anger, "dismay", etc is all talk but CHANGED NOTHING ABOUT THE CALL FOR SACRED CONVERSATION.
The repeated [4] claims of "prophecy" are notable and continue to indicate full support and acceptance of JW. Support and agreement that means not only for Wright but for Cone, Cornell West, Dwight Hopkins, etc etc [plus their full range of writings, theologies and social programs]. This is even more obvious, and includes POLITICS with these [compelling moral issues] as noted: "interest in our nation's [political process], and by the deep hopes of many that the US can be a force for [economic justice] peace [human rights]and [racial reconciliation] IN A HEMISPHERE" [What happened to AFRICA???]. Thomas uses same words as Wright "still afflicted by deep poverty, violence, and despair"!!!!! Are these PROPHETS DIFFERENT?
commented by Blogger dons, 8:32 PM  
John Thomas is roaring back with all the ferocity of a manatee under the propeller of a speedboat!

I'm solidly behind Jeremiah Wright for President of the UCC!

Then, and only then, will the UCC's rhetoric match its real-politik.

This is a match made in Heaven!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:32 PM  
The UCC, Thomas , Wright and Obama deserve each other!!!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:24 AM  
Kind of interesting that, like Senator Obama, the people running the UCC didn't have any trouble for 20 years with what the Rev. Mr. Wright preached. Now that the evidence shows those excerpts were not out of context, but were in context, people are wondering this about the Senator: "what were you thinking, and what made you change your mind?" The same questions come up for the UCC also, I guess.

Joe Sixpack
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:46 PM  
You call this distancing? I've read the first sentance/paragraph five times and I still can't get at the real meaning of it! Come to think of it, the second paragraph doesn't even make clear WHO the anger is meant for.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:51 PM  

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