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Every denomination needs one of these...

Sudan: Nothing is different

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From The Christian Post:

Local communities across the United States have joined a yearlong campaign called the "Tents of Hope," which launched last summer. A project of the United Church of Christ, Christian Church and Dear Sudan, "Tents of Hope" brings communities together to create canvas tents where they hand-paint messages to educate the public and build advocacy.
Blah, blah, blah. George Clooney is right. From the same article:

Hollywood actor George Clooney, who helped found the Darfur organization Not on Our Watch, wonders if using his celebrity status to bring attention to the crisis has been in vain or has worsened the situation.

"I've been very depressed since I got back," Clooney told Time magazine, referring to his recent trip to Chad. "I'm terrified that it isn't in any way helping. That bringing attention can cause more damage. You dig a well or build a health-care facility and they're a target for somebody."

"A lot more people know about Darfur, but absolutely nothing is different. Absolutely nothing," he said.
Nothing is different... except there are a few more UCC'ers running around patting themselves on the back.
posted by UCCtruths, Tuesday, February 26, 2008


"Nothing is different... except there are a few more UCC'ers running around patting themselves on the back."

That's so true. The UCC should have sent troops to free these poor refugees. Oh wait, that's not within the purview of a church? Oh right.

Your blog posts are getting more and more delusional. Yet again, you never miss an opportunity to criticize our denomination, even when they make efforts (however small) to help others.
commented by Blogger David, 4:18 PM  
However small or however meaningless?

The UCC missed the boat on this when they didn't back up Human Rights Watch's call to the UN for an armed peace force to protect Sudan's civilians.

Building tents will not change a single life in Sudan.
commented by Blogger UCCtruths, 5:27 PM  
What is different in Sudan because of what You have done? What is different because of what I have done? Surely it is better to try something, with prayer and faith, than to do nothing. Doing nothing is guaranteed not to make a difference.
I hope the tents raise enough awareness among UCC members to want to do more.
commented by Blogger Steve, 6:46 PM  
James Hutchins,

What have you done for the people of Sudan?

I suppose it is regrettable the UCC didn't use its vast influence over the UN to change the situation. Which way to do want it, James? Do you want your church to stay out of the political arena or do you want it lobbying the UN?
commented by Blogger David, 6:58 PM  
Our denomination should have petitioned the UN as many other NGO's did. Instead the UCC's JWM turned Sudan into a political football, Read it and weap:

commented by Blogger UCCtruths, 3:25 AM  
Steve: I'm not pretending to make a difference, I'm not building a tent, I'm not filling out a web form and I'm not wearing a cool 'save Sudan' braclet. I have, however, used this blog to advocate for armed peace keepers which is the only thing that will make a difference.
commented by Blogger UCCtruths, 3:33 AM  
I also heard that the UCC failed to solve world poverty and global war this year. Perhaps you should write a blog post about that abysmal failure.
commented by Blogger David, 1:03 PM  

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