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Every denomination needs one of these...

Obama and the United Church of Christ

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Washington Post has a horrible article on the rumors circulating around the internet that Sen. Barack Obama is really a Muslim. Rather than dispelling it, the article in effect just recirculates old news that will do little to clarify that Obama is a member of the United Church of Christ. From the article, apparently voters don't know that Obama is a member of the UCC:
A CBS News poll in August showed that a huge number of voters said they did not know Obama's faith, but among those who said they did, 7 percent thought he was a Muslim, while only 6 percent thought he was a Protestant Christian .
Back in February when UCCtruths.com broke the story that there were negotiations to have Obama speak at the General Synod, part of the political strategy for Obama in giving the speech was to give him a platform to make it clear that he was a Protestant Christian. Even then, Obama was quoted by the Associated Press as saying "I think the majority of voters know that I'm a member of the United Church of Christ, and that I take my faith seriously."

According to the poll cited in the Washington Post article, voters don't know his faith. From the CBS poll:
Sometimes, voters misperceive a candidate’s religion. In August, CBS News asked registered voters what they thought Barack Obama’s religion was. Most of them - 84 percent - said they didn’t know. But the largest number of those who thought they did know - nearly half of those who guessed any religion at all - thought Obama was a Muslim.
Clearly the publicity Obama received from his speech at General Synod did little to help him clarify what his faith is. Although I still believe Obama's speech before the General Synod violated IRS rules prohibiting political campaign intervention, I don't think any other Presidential candidate has done more to fuse faith and politics than he has... and, at this point, I don't know what more he could do to clarify his faith.
posted by UCCtruths, Thursday, November 29, 2007


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