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Every denomination needs one of these...

Dorhauer reveals shocking evidence: The Religious Right doesn't agree with the Religious Left

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In a stunning post on Talk2Action.org, UCC Associate Conference Minister of the Missouri-Mid South Conference, John Dorhauer, has revealed evidence that the "Religious Right" doesn't like the "Religious Left". From Dorhauer's post:
I have come across a most interesting and compelling piece of, dare I say it, evidence.

It is an internal document of the IRD entitled "2001-2004 Executive Summary." It does not make clear to whom it is addressed. I came across it on the website http://www.theocracywatch.org/internal_document_ird.html.
The evidence:
SYNOPSIS: Liberal Theology failed America's mainline churches in the Twentieth Century. Striving to become "relevant," they instead lost millions of church members. These diminished but still influential denominations are now starting to acknowledge their mistakes. Even their leaders are open to new directions. The IRD believes that the next four years offer a rare opportunity to redirect these churches away from their reflexive alliance with the political left and back towards classical Christianity. Conservatives have won surprising victories on key theological and sexuality issues at recent church conventions. Now is the time to translate those victories into real influence for conservatives within the permanent governing structures of these churches, so they can help renew the wider culture of our nation. We will emphasize the importance of ecumenical alliances with social conservative Roman Catholics and Evangelicals.
While Dorhauer successfully provides evidence that the IRD does indeed want to organize conservatives in mainline churches, he still does not provide any evidence of a church stealing conspiracy in UCC churches. Apparently, Dorhauer doesn't think he needs to provide evidence:
Everywhere I go and talk about the issues confronting our churches in the wake of a decades long attack on Mainline denominations, someone invariably asks for proof. It is one of the latest strategies developed by the countless allies in this ongoing attack, and clearly a stated talking point (though, of course, there is no proof of that - just the evidence of its consistent and repetitious occurrence every where I go).
Asking for honesty and for evidence is a strategy?

Strange, I thought honesty was a common ethic for all of us.

In spite Dorhauer's lack of candor, he was awarded 2007 Shalom Award yesterday at Eden Theological Seminary:
Dorhauer was nominated by Eden students Rick Oberle, Leah Atkinson and Jeff Mignerone. In making the nomination, the students said, “We feel that Reverend Dorhauer has exhibited this courage and leadership in exceptional ways in his ministry with the local UCC churches in the Missouri Mid-South Conference. Over the past year, as local churches reacted to the resolutions approved at General Synod XXV during the summer of 2005, Rev. Dorhauer’s efforts have redoubled in an attempt to open lines of communication, heal perceived wounds caused by distrust and misinformation, and be a pastoral presence to congregations, clergy and laity who are seeking to discern God’s will in their lives and their congregations.
No, that not an April Fools joke, it's real. In spite of being one of the most divisive figures in the UCC, Dorhauer was recognized with the obscure award.
posted by UCCtruths, Wednesday, April 11, 2007


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