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Every denomination needs one of these...

Evolution Sunday?

Friday, February 09, 2007

UC News has an interesting article today promoting "Evolution Sunday". When I first read the article, I was encouraged that finally some rational discussion on the complimentary nature between evolution and religion was taking place. I firmly believe the two are compatible and are not mutually exclusive. For instance, I don't believe a day to God is necessarily the same as it is for us mortals living on a rock that fully rotates in 24 hours. Such thinking places man on earth, not God, as the center of the universe - much like those who believed the earth was flat. We can't define what the length of a day is to God and it's this fact that opens up the possibility that the evolutionary process is God's plan that is articulated in Genesis.

The article, however, is not quite so specific on the details of how evolution and religion are compatible:
The Rev. Bill Hirschfeld, a UCC minister with a Ph.D. in biology, will observe “Evolution Sunday” on Feb. 11 at First Congregational UCC in Cadillac, Mich. He’ll make his case that Christianity and science are friends, not enemies.

“You don’t have to make a choice between being a Christian and believing in evolution,” Hirschfeld told the Cadillac News.

The Second Annual Evolution Sunday, sponsored by The Clergy Letter Project, was created so that congregations could “join together to discuss the compatibility of religion and science.”
Contrary to the article, the "Clergy Letter Campaign" does distinguish religion from science and ultimately pits the two against each other:
Many of the beloved stories found in the Bible – the Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah and the ark – convey timeless truths about God, human beings, and the proper relationship between Creator and creation expressed in the only form capable of transmitting these truths from generation to generation. Religious truth is of a different order from scientific truth. Its purpose is not to convey scientific information but to transform hearts.
The letter does not convey any compatibility at all and it suggests that the motivation for this letter writing campaign is more political than theological. Either you believe God is our creator (even through the evolution process) or you do not.

Besides that, I'll leave the politics to the politicians.
posted by UCCtruths, Friday, February 09, 2007


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